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I am blogger in Need

My fellow bloggers and readers I am making this post in response to the state of calamity i am in. Am soliciting all your help and support.

Last night around 5:00 PM accident happen in our house, its a disaster really the wall collapse in our kitchen area. Due to massive volume of rain landslide happened hitting the side of kitchen, the wall did not carry the load of land thus cave in leaving nothing but traces of disaster in the kitchen area. We still glad that no one is hurt during that accident, usually at that time my mother prepares dinner and other household in that area. Still we are lucky no one in the family got hurt or something.

I am appealing to all of you especially those who are lucky enough not be a victim of this storm depression Frank and to those who got extra bucks to spare. I am soliciting donation from you guys, the proceeds will be used to finance the renovations of the damage done by the landslide as well as reparation of the rooftop,which is damage was well. Any help will be appreciated gladly.

Am going to town right now to borrow a digital camera from a friend, so that i can post here the actual damage done by the landslide I've been talking about. At the time being I put here the donate button from paypal to those who generous enough to help me in this endeavor.

Updates: (Photos)

You can donate as low as $1 its your heart desire.

For my fellow kabayans you can send your help directly to my back account. Here's the details:
Bank Account: Union Bank (Philippines)
Account Name: Paulo Villar
Account No.: 109450676729
Branch: Baguio City

Thank you and God bless you all.


arnie said...

we're hit by the typhoon yesterday, too.:(

Anonymous said...

Oi, that's sad. I'll see how I can help... :D

Anonymous said...

@Arnie, it is hard for me and my family as well.. Hope your fine there...

@Ayel, sir thanks for the efforts... I will surely in debt with you.

Dyimz said...

hi there bro. I already posted about your situation on my blog. I also suggest posting here -> www.pinoyblogosphere.com

Posting on that website will reach more readers. And the big time bloggers also do stay on that site. They may help you in your situation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Juler, my prayers are with you. I don't have much to spare but I hope this can help some way. Sign up at http://www.matched.co.uk/affiliate/6851330 so you could get GBP5.00 sign up bonus and GBP3.00 per ad per month. I'm gonna post about your situation on my blog too.



Anonymous said...

hello juler, i am sorry to hear about your situation. i hope everything will be fine with you and your family. let me see what i can do, ok?

take care and God bless.

mommy ruby

Pinay Mommy Online
Blessings and Beyond
Pinay Mommies Community

Anonymous said...

@Dyimz, its alright bro, what you have done is big enough for me. In behalf of my family thank you.

@Sonn, thanks bro. that would help, your very thoughtful.. Thanks a lot...

@Pinay Mommy, Thanks for your help all of you will be a honorary partner of this site... Salamat ng marami...

Anonymous said...

@ Juler,

Hope everything will be fine soon,

God Bless You

Anonymous said...

Man, nakita ko na yung pix. Thank God at walang napano sanyo.

Anonymous said...

dapat tayo magpasalamat talaga kay God na walang nangyaring masama.. praise God!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry to hear that you were affected by the typhoon. It is so sad my family in the prvince were also affected ;(

Hope everything will be fine soon ;0

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well now, bro. Take care.

Charlie said...

sorry to hear about the disaster, it's fortunate though that you and you're family are free from harm. i put a little amount on your paypal acct.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for the help you extend and to the inspiring words... I appreciate it really... :)

Anonymous said...

We're very sorry to hear about your situation. Hope our small contribution will help you somehow...

(We commend you for being transparent on this as well. Disclosure is important when dealing with donations- it's the only way to get people to trust you.)

God bless you and your family.


The Dork One said...

hi juler,

i'll send some little help tomorrow,

my prayers to you and your family

kegler747 said...

I hope everything is fine now.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear your situation, bro. Thanks God no one is hurt.

By the way, please accept my little donation in your paypal account.

God bless and take care!

Anonymous said...

@kegler and entrepinoy bank, thank you very much for your help and prayers.