Ultimate Bounds Turning Back

Ultimate Bounds - a blog supposedly about the journey on how to make money online is changing its lane to what it is supposed to do. This blog got derailed and lost its track when I used this blogsite to experiment on Search Engine Optimization.

Once again this will be a blog that shares to you the my journey in making small money online, just let the "famous" people blogger and marketers get the lion share in the online income business. Gradually that small will become large if you accumulate them all so small money will do for me.

There's no such thing as quick money maker online, in order for you to make ample money you have to sacrifice some of your time. I basically earn money through blogging, while it is true that blogs can earn you a penny in order to sustain your earning potential, you have to continue to post or update your blog.

The last two months I did not receive any revenue from adsense, i only received those small money from other advertising networks. This networks usually make you do nothing except to post their code in your site. I do hope that next updates I restore my earning power back to normal.