I got paid by Smorty

Yesterday when i was checking my email I receive an confirmation form paypal that Smorty paid me for the task i claim in opportunity section of the site. I once said that am starting a new journey and this is just a small portion of that journey. Smorty really paid fast its publisher or blogger, it just take me 3 days for approval of my post and after that i got my money through paypal.. Below is the confirmation email that paypal sent me.

This is my first payment received from smorty i just join last week and now i have something to be brag about after posting my first task. Why don't you join Smorty by posting a 150 words article you can get as high as $6.

A journey in making money online

Join me my dear readers in my newest journey in life, the journey in making money online through blogging. In the past few days i always wanted to be like others that made their blogs their bread and butter by monetizing it.

Online opportunities are overwhelmingly lots of it. You can have a variety to choose form depending on the moods of your blog. You can choose to be in the review, pay per post schemes, pay per clicks and many more. I myself is not an expert in this arena so I am making my best in joining each of the following programs to evaluate which of it really do go for me.

As you can see am already using Google Adsense for this blog, at the time being am making this blog famous by exchanging links with co-bloggers. The journey in making money is a long path i hope that you could accompany me in this journey of mine.

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House of Esmie

Last night we stayed with my friend's house just to be together, we ate and have some fun about a lot of topics but most especially about Accounting of course. We were Accountancy students we could never ever not talk about it, more importantly the topics that will come out in the CPA board exam.

It was really ordinary day, after our review class on CRC-ACE, we went straight ahead to Esmie house (mansion hehehe) bought LPG when we got home. As our agreement we had our house tripping to her house with our little fellow Mira, they both prepare the dinner and me i just make my self comfortable lying in the sofa.

Then I saw the termites crawling in the concrete wall leaving some brown line of mud, it made me think about the outcome if the house is made of wood maybe the house would be gone by now? :) I also remember the animated movie The Ant bully where the terminator uses poisonous gases to wipe out the colony, and it made me think maybe he is using Terminix. I asked Esmie why she has termites friends in her house, she said it is ok as long as they don't do harm.

A minute later the dinner was on the table, we eat and talk and talk until it was saying goodbye time... That was the end of our house tripping adventure, you should try it sometimes with your friends...