Hope I win this contest in Ez DIY Electricity

I would like to thank all my fellow blogger and reader who generously extend their hand when i ask for their help. Words is not enough how much grateful I am.

In line with my goal of renovating the damage that cause by Frank, am taking this opportunity to join the contest being hosted by Ez DIY Electricity. If i win this contest the $100 prize will be a great help for me.

I already subscribe to his feedburner feeds which is a requirement for this contest. To all the people who joined this contest Good luck!

I am blogger in Need

My fellow bloggers and readers I am making this post in response to the state of calamity i am in. Am soliciting all your help and support.

Last night around 5:00 PM accident happen in our house, its a disaster really the wall collapse in our kitchen area. Due to massive volume of rain landslide happened hitting the side of kitchen, the wall did not carry the load of land thus cave in leaving nothing but traces of disaster in the kitchen area. We still glad that no one is hurt during that accident, usually at that time my mother prepares dinner and other household in that area. Still we are lucky no one in the family got hurt or something.

I am appealing to all of you especially those who are lucky enough not be a victim of this storm depression Frank and to those who got extra bucks to spare. I am soliciting donation from you guys, the proceeds will be used to finance the renovations of the damage done by the landslide as well as reparation of the rooftop,which is damage was well. Any help will be appreciated gladly.

Am going to town right now to borrow a digital camera from a friend, so that i can post here the actual damage done by the landslide I've been talking about. At the time being I put here the donate button from paypal to those who generous enough to help me in this endeavor.

Updates: (Photos)

You can donate as low as $1 its your heart desire.

For my fellow kabayans you can send your help directly to my back account. Here's the details:
Bank Account: Union Bank (Philippines)
Account Name: Paulo Villar
Account No.: 109450676729
Branch: Baguio City

Thank you and God bless you all.

Pogads Best Adsense Alternative

Monetizing sites and blogs are common among webmasters and bloggers. There are a lot of way on how to make money online - my journey, the journey of this blog. In my previous post I showed the proof of payment from Ximmy as well as other proof of payments.

Ximmy, Sponsoredreviews among others is just what we called alternative to Adsense, the ultimate way of monetizing a site, Yes it is fact that revenue generated from Adsense is really "legit", Adsense is good for sites whose traffic is more than a thousand per day. Adsense policy is very strict once you violate any provision of these terms you will be banned form Adsense for life. Thus, making others search a better alternative for Adsense program.

Best Adsense Alternative?

Pogads is another contextual advertisement in format like Adsense, they are claiming that they are the best Adsense Alternative. The click rates are much higher than any other program other than Adsense of course. I really testify about this, it it much higher than Adsbrite and Bidvertiser.

Now if your are planning to increase your revenue from your blogs, putting Pogads codes in your site will not harm you. You can simultaneously use Adsense and Pogads without violating Adsense Policy. Why limit yourself to earn small if you have an opportunity to earn much higher? You can start your own campaign now of Pogads by registering to their site Join Now

Bloggerwave's potentials

As my journey on making money online continues, I've been surfing the net for available opportunity to take in which increasing my online income even if it is little in amount. Online opportunities are just at arms length they are really a bulk of them lying around in the big space of web.

Today's opportunity is not different from others that I've mentioned in here. This online opportunity really is not new, it actually been here for quite a while but others is not seeing the potential of this program - it is called Bloggerwave.

Bloggerwave is a get to paid site, you have to post in your blogs opportunity and they will be paying you in return as much of $10 per post or per assignment. At present this program owe me $50 for my posts and this due payment is to be paid next month. They are paying on a monthly basis, if your post got approve today, you will get your payment the following month via paypal. Judging from this policy i will be receiving my first payment within the last week of this month. You can have a maximum of five blogs in this program, considering that fact you can earn as much as $50 per assignment for five blogs. If you got two assignments it will be $100.

Bloggerwave really have a potential in making big in this field. So what are you waiting for? Joined noe and make some buzz about this program in order this program to be known by others.

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Am Getting Tired of This Spam

Every time i checked my email address there are a lots of spam and that make me very upset. Mostly the spam came form Africa or African region, asking for your personal information offering you a $130,000 and the lists of reasons are millions also. Though sometimes I just laugh about it, imagine if you have big money to be inherited why on the earth will you share in to someone you don't know?

But there are spams that you will not considered as spam in the first glance, like this ever famous paypal scam or what others called phising. This is an email which you may think came form paypal and asking for your additional information or in some instances it says that your paypal account is limited. Thinking it is a valid email form paypal you will then enter your login information without knowing that they already get your most precious data. They could transfer your balance out leaving you nothing but their traces of their evil deeds.

If you are not careful enough you too may fall from this spammers, so be very careful in dealing emails requesting login details chances are 90% of these requests are spams. To give you some ideas about this emails i posting here a legetimate mail form paypal as well as fake one.

Again be cautious in dealings people like them and check first if it is a valid request form paypal.

Finally a proof of payment from Ximmy

In my last article few weeks ago i mentioned that i joined this site Ximmy, another way of making money online by posting reviews and submitting news articles, pictures as well as videos. The site function like any other site that gives opportunity to to blogger like me to earn a decent income. Techcrunch said that Ximmy is a Digg clone the main difference is that it gives incentives to its members.

I am posting this article to disprove what others said, that Ximmy is another scam on the making. Well sorry guys you can call Ximmy a scam but not for me. It is because I already get my first payment form them as a proof of their authenticity. Actually i already received their payments few weeks ago, to be exact June 1, due to my busy schedule in My review class I deferred this post and eventually announce it today.

Why Much did they pay me?
They generously paid me $30 through my paypal account, this is for reaching the first level of points before June 1. Am not bragging that I got my payment I am just sharing it to all of you, why? I am not a greedy person i want you also to earn your fair share of the Ximmy pie. Judging from my own experiences for the last 4 years of being online, many of online surfer never got a chance of getting return from time spend online and resources are wasted without replenishment. Now you got a chance to make some return of your investment which is your time. Ximmy is just one of the hundred of ways on how to bea few dollar richer.

Ximmy Proof of payment

This is the snapshot of the confirmation i got in my email address.

Experiment on Alexa Ranking

Am doing this experiment on Alexa Ranking, i would like to test if it is really true what others been saying on how to increase you Alexa rankings.

Alexa as define:

The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis.

The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the geometric mean of these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users

There are a lot of "gurus" of SEO saying that in order to increase your Alexa Ranking you need to write about Alexa itself and use their tool bars and integrate it in your sites or blogs. For blogger like me Higher Alexa ranking really is a big issue especially that I am monetizing my blogs. Mostly advertisers today looks up to the rankings generated by Alexa, the higher ranking you got the more opportunity, more money.

Installing this toolbar from alexa will not guarantee that it will increase dramatically, again you need, i need still a traffic in order this ordeal will be meet its ends. Alexa toolbar only ask as bridge for better ranking, what important still is the content of my blog for example and the readers and lurkers of this blog

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