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Am Getting Tired of This Spam

Every time i checked my email address there are a lots of spam and that make me very upset. Mostly the spam came form Africa or African region, asking for your personal information offering you a $130,000 and the lists of reasons are millions also. Though sometimes I just laugh about it, imagine if you have big money to be inherited why on the earth will you share in to someone you don't know?

But there are spams that you will not considered as spam in the first glance, like this ever famous paypal scam or what others called phising. This is an email which you may think came form paypal and asking for your additional information or in some instances it says that your paypal account is limited. Thinking it is a valid email form paypal you will then enter your login information without knowing that they already get your most precious data. They could transfer your balance out leaving you nothing but their traces of their evil deeds.

If you are not careful enough you too may fall from this spammers, so be very careful in dealing emails requesting login details chances are 90% of these requests are spams. To give you some ideas about this emails i posting here a legetimate mail form paypal as well as fake one.

Again be cautious in dealings people like them and check first if it is a valid request form paypal.