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Finally a proof of payment from Ximmy

In my last article few weeks ago i mentioned that i joined this site Ximmy, another way of making money online by posting reviews and submitting news articles, pictures as well as videos. The site function like any other site that gives opportunity to to blogger like me to earn a decent income. Techcrunch said that Ximmy is a Digg clone the main difference is that it gives incentives to its members.

I am posting this article to disprove what others said, that Ximmy is another scam on the making. Well sorry guys you can call Ximmy a scam but not for me. It is because I already get my first payment form them as a proof of their authenticity. Actually i already received their payments few weeks ago, to be exact June 1, due to my busy schedule in My review class I deferred this post and eventually announce it today.

Why Much did they pay me?
They generously paid me $30 through my paypal account, this is for reaching the first level of points before June 1. Am not bragging that I got my payment I am just sharing it to all of you, why? I am not a greedy person i want you also to earn your fair share of the Ximmy pie. Judging from my own experiences for the last 4 years of being online, many of online surfer never got a chance of getting return from time spend online and resources are wasted without replenishment. Now you got a chance to make some return of your investment which is your time. Ximmy is just one of the hundred of ways on how to bea few dollar richer.

Ximmy Proof of payment

This is the snapshot of the confirmation i got in my email address.


potato investor said...

Hi, can i know how many review can i do for ximmy per day? So far I have only accumulate 300+ points. Quite slow.

Finally a proof of payment from Ximmy said...

When I am making my review i make sure that my brain is hyper active so that i can post many review. 20 review per day is a nice momentum. Make friends around Ximmy and let them votes for your submits..

By doing that you can fast track your earning points. Thanks by the way you can also try the Pogads as your alternative to Adsense.

Pinoy Rich Jerk said...

Hello, can anyone share how much he/she has earned aside from juler on this venture? How effective is this bro?

Ximmy Proof of payment said...

@pinoy rich jerk, Ximmy can be effective as you want it to be... If your in the mood you can write many reviews on the site, maximum is 100 per day.

making friends also do help make you earn faster. Well, compare to mylot this one really rock a bit.


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