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Egytian Woman Give Birth to 7 babies - septuplets

Check this very odd news.

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - An Egyptian woman gave birth to septuplets early Saturday in the coastal city of Alexandria, a hospital director said.

Ghazala Khamis, 27, was in good condition at the hospital after having a blood transfusion during her Caesarean section due to bleeding, said Emad Darwish, director of the El-Shatbi Hospital where she gave birth.

The newborns, four boys and three girls, weigh between 3.2 pounds and 6.17 pounds and are in stable condition, Darwish said. They have been placed in incubators in four different hospitals that have special premature baby units, he said.

"This is a very rare pregnancy — something I have never witnessed over my past 33 years in this profession," Darwish said.

Darwish decided to carry out the Caesarean section at the end of Khamis' eighth month of pregnancy due to the pressure on her kidneys.

Khamis, the wife of a farmer in the northern Egyptian province of Beheira, already has three daughters. She was admitted to the hospital two months ago. - AP

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This is the post that am talking about. Check it out. Beijing Olympics Medal Tally and Standings.

Olympics Mania Post

As of 3:00AM, China once again gained back the leads in the Olympics Tally as it hauls more Medals than its main rival USA. China Medal Total is 14, 9 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze while USA have 12, 3 gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze medal. China and USA take the top spot followed by South Korea. Below is the Medal Standings Tally updates.
Country G S B Total
China 9 3 2 14
United States 3 4 5 12
South Korea 4 4 0 8
Italy 3 3 2 8
Russia 0 4 2 6
Australia 2 0 3 5
France 0 3 2 5
Japan 2 0 2 4
North Korea 0 1 3 4
Great Britain 2 0 1 3
Netherlands 1 1 1 3
Czech Republic 2 0 0 2
Finland 1 0 1 2
Spain 1 0 1 2
Cuba 0 1 1 2
Germany 0 1 1 2
Brazil 0 0 2 2
Indonesia 0 0 2 2
Azerbaijan 1 0 0 1
India 1 0 0 1
Romania 1 0 0 1
Thailand 1 0 0 1
Austria 0 1 0 1
Colombia 0 1 0 1
Hungary 0 1 0 1
Norway 0 1 0 1
Slovakia 0 1 0 1
Sweden 0 1 0 1
Turkey 0 1 0 1
Vietnam 0 1 0 1
Zimbabwe 0 1 0 1
Algeria 0 0 1 1
Argentina 0 0 1 1
Belarus 0 0 1 1
Chinese Taipei 0 0 1 1
Croatia 0 0 1 1
Georgia 0 0 1 1
Switzerland 0 0 1 1
Tajikistan 0 0 1 1
Uzbekistan 0 0 1 1
For updated results of 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count and Tally, Click here.

2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally and Standings

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For updated results of 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count and Tally, Click here.

2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Standings

The competition in the 2008 Beijing Olympics is now fierce as the pressure among Olympians to haul more Medals continues to rise.

I know that people around the world is now in the eager to know the 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Standing. They are eager to know if they got already their First GOLD medal for this 2008 Summer Olympics. I my self is eager to know the Current Country medal standings so I made a post about it on my other blog just to help search engine users.

To view the complete list of 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Standings just click the link or the picture at the side. Am hoping that Philippines could bring home at least one GOLD medal for this event.

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