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You can make money thru SEO post

Hello guys this is the first time that am in "serious" about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO can make you money, yes for my post alone give me $20 from Adsense much better from paid post that I usually do.

This $20 is for one day only, the event that I am optimizing is the Olympics which focus mainly for the Medal tally. The event is long way to got, with current situation $20 per day in adsense is very good.

This is the highest payment so far I got from Adsense. If you are not tired in making paid articles then why not try SEO and then see the beauty of Making money while you sleep!

This is the post that am talking about. Check it out. Beijing Olympics Medal Tally and Standings.


2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count said...

Hello Juler, I got this blog from your other blog. Hmmmn, wow, galing nmn.. $20 a day is reallly an accomplishment. That's good.

You can make money thru SEO post said...

Thanks, I really happy for this, I don't know if I can sustain it...