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Olympics Help me break the $200 mark in Adsense

My making money online journey continues, this day I have good news to tell everyone that I already nearing to break the $200 mark in Adsense earnings.

Yes that is right am about to break that mark thanks to my 2008 Beijing Olympic Medal tally SEO post. My usual earnings per day in Adsense is $.50 in average, but with this SEO really boost my earnings as much as $30 per day due to the traffic and click generates by the the visitors form all over the world.

In the last few months am just hoping the miracles will happen so that i can break the minimum payout of $100, but GOD is good as he not only help me break the $100 mark but $200 mark as well. At time you are reading this post maybe I already surpass $200.

SEO could really help you earn much if you optimized it carefully. I don't know how much the big guns in SEO is making in this Olympics but with what I am earning am much more happy.

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2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally said...

Check out the latest 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally

DJ - Music Blog said...

Good for you.

juler said...

Thanks dj.. Am just really happy this day... salamat sa pag bisita...

beijing olympics medal tally said...

congrats juler..



pa ride on ng maka $20 din ako a day..Beijing Olympics Medal Tally Day 7

yaman mo na..

Ariel said...

oo nga...pa-burger ka naman... hehe

lestat said...

good and congrats for surpassing the $200.00 mark.. i'm sure you still have bunches of dollars to earn in adsense.

2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally/Count said...

wow! galing! Congratz bro! =D

Sana makahabol ako

2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally/Count

pasingit ha hehe..Thanks!

Beijing Olympics Final Results said...

juler yung SEO tips mo bigyan mo ako ha..