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Earn $250 who don't want this?

As my traffic from Olympic decreases, I think this is a right time to continue my journey on making money online. Today while browsing the net for online opportunity I came across sites which offers you as low as $250 to as high as $1,000. Yes that what this site is offering you if you sign up with them.

What the catch?
Simple, all you got is to refer 5 friends, close friends, bloggers etc to the program also, then if that referrals qualifies then you can get the $250 via paypal. If you choose to received $250, there also other prizes you can choose from, like WII, IPhone, PSP, DSLite, IPod etc.

The company is called Custom Oder This, if you are in need of that money what are you waiting for you can sign up gets your choice of prizes or gifts.You can join them for free in here.


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