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August is a good month for Earning Money

August is a good month for Earning Money! Yes it is true, August is a good month in earning that money. Don't get me wrong but this is based on my experience month of August is hell of month.

August is the eight month of the year, 8 represent money and luck in Chinese Astrology and feng shui. My journey of making money online continues, this time month of August is the month which I earned a lot. I earned $330 from adsense, another $10 from Blogvertise, $15 from Ambo, $4 from TLA, $1 from backlinks, $50 from RevResponse, $16.25 from SponsoredReviews, $20 from webhost, and $0.15 from paid-to-promote(the one you can see below this blog). That would total to $446.4, wow hehehe that much for only a month of blogging.

I know it is not easy in making money from your blogs you only got to be industrious in all you do, you have to make some effort to make this earnings possible. As far as i know others are making $500 or more in blogging alone in just a day. Some of them i presumed you knew already. Am not leveling my self to them yet, I got so much to learn and so much techniques to discover and so much people to know. If you want to be successful in blogging you need other bloggers as well. You can try to make solo flight but am sure you will be hard achieving goals if you do that.

Where will the fun goes if you are alone in your journey of making money online?


Carol McCain said...

wow, dami pera ah... congrats!

Teens and Money said...

wow, its great! hah.. if i know that maybe 9 days ago.. ha5,

ha5 actually, thats a great article! ^^

anneberly said...

Probably because we have three pay days... lols.. I have good money too every August from work
Happy weekend
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