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Earn Money referring friends to sell their baclinks

Energized I am, after receiving the payment from Blogvertise, it seems that my journey of making money online  still got a long way to earn my first million in blogging. So with the energy i have i surf and browse the net just to find another opportunity to earn a decent income.

The opportunity is for bloggers that runs their blogs in wordpress flatform, if your blog runs by blogspot will sorry this is not for us. But don't be sad you can still have the opportunity to earn by referring people to sell their backlinks. If you knew lot of people or friends that run their blogs in this blogging flatform then what are you waiting for refer then and get your $25 cold cash. The more you refer the more you earn, not bad for blogspot blogger huh?

What the catch?
Your referral shall have to at least one link place to their site so you can be eligible to the $25.  Another way of making money is just referring people so am trying it, how about you? There is harm in trying just only money hehehe. Good luck guys you can join here.