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A journey in making money online

Join me my dear readers in my newest journey in life, the journey in making money online through blogging. In the past few days i always wanted to be like others that made their blogs their bread and butter by monetizing it.

Online opportunities are overwhelmingly lots of it. You can have a variety to choose form depending on the moods of your blog. You can choose to be in the review, pay per post schemes, pay per clicks and many more. I myself is not an expert in this arena so I am making my best in joining each of the following programs to evaluate which of it really do go for me.

As you can see am already using Google Adsense for this blog, at the time being am making this blog famous by exchanging links with co-bloggers. The journey in making money is a long path i hope that you could accompany me in this journey of mine.

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anneberly said...

Google adsense can be a challenge I have it on my other blog, but it can be fun making even for fw cents..

Hi Juler, Are you sure this is the only blog that you want me to add on my 4 blogs?.. Just let me know if you want me to add anymore of your blogs and I will be happy to add it, on all of my blogs.. have a grreat day

anneberly said...

and also juler your "LINKS" seems not working because it is not directing to the list of your blogger's link