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Opening EON account

This will guide you the process on opening an account in Unionbank. EON cyber account is debit card therefore it can be used to get your paypal account, just follow the below procedures on how to get your paypal account verified.

  1. Apply for an EON cyber account - That may sound too futuristic or maybe a bit intimidating but just go ahead and apply. You can apply for a card online, choose which branch nationwide you want to get your card and just wait for sometime until the card is ready for pick-up. You also have to pay Php350 for the membership and card to unionbank upon picking up the card.
  2. Verify your Paypal using the EON card - Usually, you have to wait for 2 weeks maximum for your EON to be activated. I think every credit or debit card needs that time to get activated but nonetheless, it only takes about 9 to 12 days. After the card has been activated, verify your account using your card.

If you dont have paypal account yet join paypal here.