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My payment has been processed

I got a confirmation from today that my payment has been process by the said company, knowing that fact it excites me. I check my Alertpay account to check if there is indeed my payment unfortunately it is not yet there, so i check my PayPal account to counter check if they send it there. Again it is not there. So i check my email again, is it read my payment has been processed and completed successfully.

I thought my payment was credited already, i was taken by the moment thus miss the main point of the said email. It stated there that the payment will credit 1-3 days after the process… Just wait and see guys I am going to post here my proof of payment from Until then I can’t say that is a scam or legit one.

This is another good news for me as this will help a little to my renovation cost of the damage wall... :)


asgard said...

help me !