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Katrina Halili Nude and I am Bald

Festive atmosphere is still in the air after the landslide victory of Barack Obama that landed him to be the 44th President of the United States. So much for Politics and it is time to work, I am working right now to make this blog active again and get back what I've lost for loosing tracks of my journey of making money online.

From my hiatus state, I did nothing but to observe others and mine as well the effect on posting regularly and not. I can say that not posting new updates can make your mind rusts and your earnings as well. But I also noted that not those who always updates their blog can get higher earnings in the end of the day. Posting new content is just one factor to achieve a higher goal of earning online.

Nice content and targeted keywords is the key on how to boosts your earnings, just like what donser is doing. Proper keyword placement and optimization landed to his hand his biggest Adsense earnings so far. I hope that i could matched that earnings of his! More that $900 in just one month, that is thrice bigger that my highest earnings so far.

So expect from now own that i will be posting out the topic article to experiment what I've discover in the last few weeks of observations.

By the way as the title suggests, yes that's right you can see Katrina Halili Nude photo in her latest endorsement project in Belo Medical Group. If Katrina is nude in that online advertisement least to say I have a nude head.. Let me end this post from here.