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People on Spot Light

Who is Rose Ann Sajol? If you are wondering who in the world is Rose Ann Sajol then let me have the opportunity to introduce Rose. Rose Ann is a native of Lebak Sultan Kudarat, she is pretty, intelligent and charming  - that’s only some of the best quality she has.
She was a consistent honor student from elementary until college, what an smart woman as a matter of fact she is Medical Technologist and registered Nurse as same time. Rose Ann Sajol was one of the board passers in the last 2008 Nursing Board Exam. Rose is the eldest in the family with her equally beautiful sister, Maricel, as only siblings.
There are a lot more to say about Who really Rose Ann Sajol is! I think you better know her so you can witness how great lady she is.
For the time being Rose has his blog about Nursing Board Exam Answer Key with the aim of helping Nurse Wannabee how thoughtful.